The Angel I Once Dated- Poetry by Wyclif Musau

It was one balmy afternoon when I decided to roam around the school canteen,
I had just celebrated my birthday the previous night after turning eighteen,
My eyes were heavy due to lack of enough sleep, so I ordered a cup of tea rich in caffeine,
As I siphoned my hot tea, my ex girlfriend’s best friend offered me a bowl of mandarine,

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She whispered to my left ear, that she had been sent by Diana,
To deliver a stylish black gold- coated suit imported from Ghana,
Followed by a brown envelope written on top of it, “I’m sorry my sweet banana”
Inside rested a thousand dollars accompanied by an album of French Montana,

I was smiling ear to ear like a high schooler on a parent’s day,
After delivering her best friend’s message, Ariana fled away,
Those great memories are still fresh in my mind like yesterday,
It was the twenty second day of the precious month of May,

For the first time in my life I was in deep love,
I was the luckiest man alive, felt like a prince of the kingdom above,
Deep inside my soul I knew I found love in this pretty little dove,
Up to this moment I still remember you Diana, you’re the angel I once dated there of!

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