Which Way Your Majesty? 👑🤔

Good evening Your Majesty, how is Michael the Archangel doing? Please pass my greetings to him, tell him that I am eager to know what happened on that dreadful day of battle, when he fought against the serpent! But that’s a story for another day, tonight, I must admit that there’s fire on the mountain,…

Isabella 💌

Dear Isabella, It’s been a minute since we last spoke, I hope there’s no bad blood between us, I hope you’re still praying for me as you promised, I’ve been trying to reach you in the past one month but your phone has been off, I hope you received my voicemail, please find time to…

Not A Surprise If You Leave 🤔

You know, I’m not doubting the affection that you’ve always had for me, neither do I plan to ever leave you out in the cold, seated on the benches of true love, alone,
But sometimes I wonder how long will our paradise survive, how many hours will it take for you to shut the doors off when the sons of our able neighbours will come thirsting..?
How many times will I ever be forced to tame my ego, to swallow all my insecurities? How many days will I pretend to be just fine when they slow down and flirt with you by the roadside?
How long will it take for the world around us to adjust, will they ever stop whistling at you when you pass by? Where will I ever gain the courage to tell them that you aren’t my sister just to avoid the fate that befell Abraham?

Girls of The Tingling Effect, We See You…🥵

Hello tax collectors, how is Christmas time, have you slaughtered a ram or you’re waiting for new year to maul the flesh of a young male goat, at your neighbours’Aren’t your pockets full after such a long harvest in the woods after sneaking away with legal statements of ownership, as you win brutal cases in…

The ‘Crush’ I Never Had 💌

Dear Crushie, I know you can still remember the days when we were so little but we still fell in love, unknowingly,The days when all of us adored you, we feared you cos you were from a higher ground, actually you were a cool kid,I know you were so worried when we sidelined ourselves away…

The Prison of Lifetime

Just like a flower blossoms beneath the cleft of a rock, so does love, the famous tale of Romeo and Juliet,
From where I’m standing, love remains an illusion, infact it should be included in a million silent ways to die,
In this side of Africa, love has been commercialised, no money, no love is the chorus our hymn,
The media has had enough covering lots of homicide stories, as most of headlines read “man stabbed 21 times by girlfriend”

Greetings Ex-Girlfriend.

It’s been half a decade since we parted ways, alot has happened, Sasha got married and now she got a bouncing baby boy,Sinduli the village burglar was arrested, he’s been behind the bars for atleast one year for siphoning fuel from a police van,You remember Tamara the governor’s daughter? She is now a renowned lawyer…


They loved holding hands in public, wrapping their hands around each other during evening walks,
Sunset photoshoots was their favourite thing, they really loved taking pictures,
Bosco was Andy’s favourite dog, he would never leave him behind, even on official duties,
They were loyal to each other, sometimes Lucia would get jealous of him,

Jasmine 👑

I want to play jazz for Jasmine, call the maidens for me, i want to pop a bottle of champagne,
Take a look at her beautiful legs, a laud of applause as she steps on the Dias,
I bless the day your mama gave birth to you, were it not for her, where would I find such a peacock,?
Walk with me little princess, just like Joshua I’ll take you to the promised land.

Before Money Corrupted Love.

I remember the days I was eyeing on this girl, Polina, she was the most beautiful girl in our village,
She used to live a few miles from our home, at the verge of one of the corners of my father’s ancestral land,
Sometimes I would hide in the bushes and listen to her as she gossiped with her mother,
She sat at the feet of her mama, weaving a traditional kyondo, used for fetching cereals from the market,