Hello Angelica 😊

Hello Angelica, how is the great genius girl who adored the character of Sophia the first? How’s the vibrant goalkeeper who aspires to be like Aaron Ramsdale of Arsenal,How is everyone, how is the brown skin friend from the mountain? The political stampede is here once again, Is he with the “Hustler Nation” or we’re…

The ‘Crush’ I Never Had 💌

Dear Crushie, I know you can still remember the days when we were so little but we still fell in love, unknowingly,The days when all of us adored you, we feared you cos you were from a higher ground, actually you were a cool kid,I know you were so worried when we sidelined ourselves away…

Growing Up In Africa

Contrary to the African traditions, my mother taught me how to cook,
Mama would come home carrying cassava roots in a basket,
That’s the moment i would start lighting up the fire,
Since I knew it was my turn to come up with a good recipe, the family was eagerly waiting,

How do birds survive?

Have you ever thought of birds, squirrels, impalas, baboons, basically wildlife?…
How they survive out there in the woods, alone, in summer all through winter!…when it’s raining, where is their fire point?

Watering Dead Plants

You are sorounded by fake people,
So stop giving your foes the procedure of strangling your poor soul,
Showing affection to these baboons is like digging your own grave!
Be humble like a dove but as wise as a serpent!

The Angel I Once Dated- Poetry by Wyclif Musau

She whispered to my left ear, that she had been sent by Diana,
To deliver a stylish black gold- coated suit imported from Ghana,
Followed by a brown envelope written on top of it, “I’m sorry my sweet banana”
Inside rested a thousand dollars accompanied by an album of French Montana,