Which Way Your Majesty? ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿค”

Good evening Your Majesty, how is Michael the Archangel doing? Please pass my greetings to him, tell him that I am eager to know what happened on that dreadful day of battle, when he fought against the serpent! But that’s a story for another day, tonight, I must admit that there’s fire on the mountain,…

The ‘Crush’ I Never Had ๐Ÿ’Œ

Dear Crushie, I know you can still remember the days when we were so little but we still fell in love, unknowingly,The days when all of us adored you, we feared you cos you were from a higher ground, actually you were a cool kid,I know you were so worried when we sidelined ourselves away…

Shackles of The Street Hawker

At the heart of one of Africa’s most respected cities,
Dwells kings and queens. of survival, the street hucksters,
Determined humans, more persistent than spongers on a buffalo’s skin,
Strangers to each other but loyal when a member of the city council emerges,

Residing at Grandma’s

The old clay-coated pot was softly snoring as it rested comfortably on the three black rocks. Deep down near my feet, slept master Chung Lee, the blue-eyed cat. With her rough purr in and out of her wind pipe, she harmonised the corners of our circuitous Kisukuu, hut

Dear First Love

If there’s a lass i have ever loved as far as i can breath, it’s you my Carolina,
Remember the highschool days when we were so tied together,
When we were still young, how we sank in deep thoughts planning our future,
How i used to promise you that i shall be successful like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook,

Schooling in Upcountry

Being an elder brother called for parental responsibilities like holding his tiny hand,
Kawasya my small brother was named after the ululating voice that he produced then,
You would take a sugary lollipop from his mouth but his bluster would attract through beating,
My father used to adore his last chubby son who would complete the quadrant,

The Vigorous Youthful Moran๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ช

I am barely sixteen summers old, but to my society i can bravely own the title of a warrior,
Having successfully driven the voluminous herd of cattle to the Mamba river severally,
My name was repeatedly uttered in the council of elders, among the community’s most superior,
I owned the title of the most potent young moran ever, raising the eyebrows of the village elders emphatically,

Execution of The Three Musketeers

It was too late to hide, I smothered her creepy self on the walls of my dwelling unit. One fatality was confirmed, but still the mission went on..

The Angel I Once Dated- Poetry by Wyclif Musau

She whispered to my left ear, that she had been sent by Diana,
To deliver a stylish black gold- coated suit imported from Ghana,
Followed by a brown envelope written on top of it, “I’m sorry my sweet banana”
Inside rested a thousand dollars accompanied by an album of French Montana,