Execution of The Three Musketeers

Today I woke up early in the morning before the suffocation of the dazzling yellow street lights. As my norm, i emptied my laundry bucket on my ever sparkling bathroom floor, in a mission of eliminating the dry sweat in between the fabrics. Just after i completed soaking the clothes, something came up in my mind. I remembered the previous night I saw a shadow of a dark brown coacroach embedding the wall as it shamelessly dissolved into the dull ceiling. But how? I have been cleaning my house every single day!? How did it manage to comfortably settle in ever clean bedsitter? I contemplated. With my burning passion for terminating every single coacroach that crosses my way anywhere, anytime. That’s a thing for the past, so i decided to untuck my bedsheets to figure out where exactly is my enemy’s hide out!I started by pulling all the beddings one after the other, putting in mind that it’s the one filthy coacroach i’m looking for. My nerves became alert, anything that sounded slippery in my hands scared the hell out of me. The scriptures say that he who seeks shall find, eventually, I found one giant coacroach resting peacefully on the wooden plates that cut across my bed’s frame. After she realised that the world has been illuminated by an unknown source of light, then she decided to run away! It was too late to hide, I smothered her creepy self on the walls of my dwelling unit. One fatality was confirmed, but still the mission went on.Bloggers on Google+Next in death line was another victim who possessed the characters of an adult. He tried to play hide and seek with me but this time round i wore my games kits, and wholeheartedly accepted his challenge. I used the trick of Shadows. Of course i knew they love dark places, so i stood in an angle blocking the beams of my overhead light, and just as my instincts insinuated, it worked. I mercilessly struck him right from the top equalising him with the size of a dry banana tree leaf. Off to the next culprit, this one acted like a nursery school kid, i could read her mind, as she tried to shout that it wasn’t her fault. I didn’t hesitate, I unsparingly murdered her soul too.

So, it’s time to drag their bodies out of my house. I took a green shell of an avocado that rested on top of my dustbin. A match stick acted as the shovel and threw all their bodies outside my window. I just thought they didn’t deserve to enjoy the luxury of my expensive dustbin. Now the mission has been accomplished, but wait, why did they occupy the dark side of my house? Now this is the moment I realised, they were right. A ascertained that there was a dirty covering that occupied the biggest part of the underneath. So, I took a basin filled it with water and detergent and went ahead to sanctify my conspicuous residence. And that was the end of my thrilling encounter with the three naughty musketeers!

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