The Other Side of Africa.

Africa is one of the most magnificent continents God has ever made; the vegetation, wildlife, the beautiful view of a warm rising sun is incomparable,
Different languages, clans, tribes, different colours, but we can still afford to bond and speak one national language,
For instance in my homeland we are more than forty tribes, some of us are hunters others are pastoralists, and others are fishermen,
From the coastal region all the way to the northern parts of Mandera, Kenya is among the most captivating countries in Sub-Saharan Africa,

I’ll Come Back Someday, My Village People.

How we struggled to speak in the white man’s language, in fear of being punished by the tutor on duty, for conversing in our mother language,
Life was not easy when we were younger, we used to fight regularly for no reason, just to see who’s the looser in our class,
We loved competing in races, we would run for about five rounds in the field and whoever came last would be nicknamed a “warthog”
Now it’s been a decade and half, things are not like they used to be though we’re trying, I’ll come back someday my village people.

Light My Candle Now, When I Can Still Breath

The greatest adversary of man is a man, let alone the snake and her descendants, the curse still lives on,
People would never feed you when you’re hungry, they would rather feed their four- legged night watchmen than stretch their hands to save your starving soul,
But they would travel miles to come and burry you when the news go viral that you’ve kicked the blanket,
That is the moment they will offer to buy you a golden casket, that you may be send six fit under, in a colourful way,


Life in Africa can only be compared with a football match between a bullet-less Arsenal and ofcourse a bigger team like the real giant of Madrid,Even before the players start blinking well, just as they are adapting to the cold climate of the Spanish capital, the game is already one-nil,When Xhaka is about to break…


Why have you decided to wear a designer suit on top of your dirty pants? And yet you haven’t taken shower… why Francis?
Ever complaining of a persistent stomach ache yet you don’t cleanse your cup when it’s tea time!
This is like inserting your hands into the mouth of a crocodile and expecting it back as it was,
No matter how influential you are son, you will never teach an old baboon new tricks on how to survive in a jungle!…


When the sun goes down and darkness stretches over the mountains, driving away every beast of the land from his respective hide out,
When the herdsmen converge at the exit to split their flocks after a long tiresome day on the grazing land,
When every single bird of the air together with his counterpart return to their nests after savaging the farmer’s wheat,
When the city grills and casinos become silent as a tomb and the highways are clear like spring water…the wise will close their eyes not


There’s a nation that paints it’s outermost covering with a bright colour, showcasing the white edges but burying the dull surface under the red carpet,
A state of narcissistic individuals who prey on the muscles of the destitute, a desperate newspaper vendor,
Sweeping the hard-earned coins of a shoe shiner into their overflowing storehouses,
A country that knows not the law of empathy, draining away the bowls of a street beggar! And still walks away as if nothing happened!?

It’s Not Easy To Be A Man

A council of grey-haired wise men once said that “whatever doesn’t slay man makes him stronger!”
In my community, whenever a boy is born, the first duty of the midwife is to let him taste a drop of honey,
The baby whirls his tongue through his tiny mouth licking every drop of it, then a piece of red pepper is introduced thereafter!
Then everyone stares at him as he struggles to drain soup from the wrong honey comb, the clamorous cry lasts for more than an hour!

Why The Lion Doesn’t Greet Man

Even though the flesh eaters raised a white flag and veered away, a ferocious rivalry between man and the beast of land grew in a massive way!
Hyaenas would hide in the midst of the leafy scrublands and wait patiently until a sheep steps in the their territory,
Wild dogs too became vengeful, they would isolate a goat from the herd, scoop away the inner parts and disappear before it’s too late,
The baboons and monkeys waited until it was harvest time, when there was plenty of food in the shamba, things became tough for mankind!

Coping Up With An African Mum

If there’s a person I feared most when I was a teenager, that “devil” was definitely my mum,
I would rather choose the option of swimming through a swamp of hot porridge than to face my mother after breaking one of her precious thermos flasks!
Disobeying an order that directly came from my mother’s pie-hole would attract a mortal chastening,
So my younger siblings took advantage of that indefinite gap to bully my fearful soul, “Mum has said that you should go and collect firewood!” Or else…