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  • Kalondu 💌
    Good afternoon Kalondu, How are you? I hope everyone at home is well, please say Hi to the civil servant, maybe one day he will be my father-in-law, maybe, but that, is a story for another day! I know I am a stranger to you, I, am a ‘friend’ you’ve just met at work place,…
  • Which Way Your Majesty? 👑🤔
    Good evening Your Majesty, how is Michael the Archangel doing? Please pass my greetings to him, tell him that I am eager to know what happened on that dreadful day of battle, when he fought against the serpent! But that’s a story for another day, tonight, I must admit that there’s fire on the mountain,…
  • Isabella 💌
    Dear Isabella, It’s been a minute since we last spoke, I hope there’s no bad blood between us, I hope you’re still praying for me as you promised, I’ve been trying to reach you in the past one month but your phone has been off, I hope you received my voicemail, please find time to…
  • Not A Surprise If You Leave 🤔
    You know, I’m not doubting the affection that you’ve always had for me, neither do I plan to ever leave you out in the cold, seated on the benches of true love, alone, But sometimes I wonder how long will our paradise survive, how many hours will it take for you to shut the doors off when the sons of our able neighbours will come thirsting..? How many times will I ever be forced to tame my ego, to swallow all my insecurities? How many days will I pretend to be just fine when they slow down and flirt with you by the roadside? How long will it take for the world around us to adjust, will they ever stop whistling at you when you pass by? Where will I ever gain the courage to tell them that you aren’t my sister just to avoid the fate that befell Abraham?
  • Tales of My Country 🤔
    You know, sometimes life doesn’t correspond to the energy we give it, sometimes it does more harm to hang on than to let go, some things are beyond our human prowess,I know we might never come to a consensus on this but assuredly I tell you, by the few half-moons I have seen in the…

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