Residing at Grandma’s

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It’s three minutes past eleven in the morning. I’m seated on a three-legged foot stool that firmly hugged the brown African soil. With my two little hands, i squarely lied on my Grandma’s thighs, eyes glued to the half-roasted soft maize that was warming at the fire place. I could hear the angel of sleep from a distance, whispering to my ears, but i refused to cooperate!…. like an old motorbike cruising through the grainy terrain, another ingredient of sleep was here, ready to claim me!

The old clay-coated pot was softly snoring as it rested comfortably on the three black rocks. Deep down near my feet, slept master Chung Lee, the blue-eyed cat. With her rough purr in and out of her wind pipe, she harmonised the corners of our circuitous Kisukuu, hut. Just as i closed my eyes to enjoy the rhythmic ambience under the grass-thatched hut, Mwaitu, granny, tapped my back for a piece of roasted maize. Shosh knew i loved eating the fat bottom piece just in case we were sharing, but this time round i was fast, i took all of it. She sarcastically giggled, calling me mutoonu, a selfish person. I got hold of it, warm as it was, i unapologetically munched it like an hungry hyaena feasting on a buffalo carcass!

Eating was my granny’s favourite hobby. Now, the long wait came! You know, i mysteriously disappeared from my father’s home, so without doubt, i knew mama was full combat, eagerly waiting to catapult my little oval ears! I would rather sleep at granny’s!…It was the safest place on earth! Blessings wherever you are Mwaitu, I’ll board the “midnight train‘ just for you, Love you Grandma…😍

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