Dear First Love

Hello, from wherever you are, i hope you can hear me, Wavinya ,
Am a numerator as my bed denominates the entire equation,
Sinking in abysmal meditation about the first person to steal my heart,
I can only see your pretty little face swinging in the air like a pendulum,

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If there’s a lass i have ever loved as far as i can breath, it’s you my Carolina,
Remember the highschool days when we were so tied together,
When we were still young, how we sank in deep thoughts planning our future,
How i used to promise you that i shall be successful like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook,

Everyone hated me for falling in love with you Caro, they said you were older,
I got lectured by close friends trying to save me from your grippy hands,
But we were so determined, ready to face the world, together,

Remember when we were so blind-folded by love?
How we held hands in the upcountry little donkey paths?
The time that we never had phones but our love flourished everyday,
How you used to visit your mum, who worked at my home place,

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Harken back the time when you came back from Kenyan coast Mombasa,
When i told you that i can’t leave my father’s flock out in the woods alone,
You surprised me, neatly dressed you came with your small bro, just to see me,
Caro, I know you are married with two kids now, but i wanted to let you know, i really loved you, Wavinya!…

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