The Prison of Lifetime

Just like a flower blossoms beneath the cleft of a rock, so does love, the famous tale of Romeo and Juliet,
From where I’m standing, love remains an illusion, infact it should be included in a million silent ways to die,
In this side of Africa, love has been commercialised, no money, no love is the chorus our hymn,
The media has had enough covering lots of homicide stories, as most of headlines read “man stabbed 21 times by girlfriend”

People have normalised cheating, marriages are drowning everyday, divorce files are breaking the court’s library, things are not how they used to be,
Giant weddings have happened on the look of trillions of eyes, with all pomp and colour, the bride graces the event seated on a royal horse chariot,
A musical sound of a violin is heard from a distance, there’s a red carpet well decorated for the bride to walk on,
With a white dress the bride is helped by a royal guard to alight from the chariot, like the queen she’s is,

Great display infront of the world, that a story of love has just begun, five years down the road, only one survives for the anniversary,
Now the husband’s lifeless body lies on their matrimonial bed, with deep holes around the chest,
How that happened, no one is willing to tell, neither does anyone understand the quick downgrade,
The rate at which people are being whacked to death by their loved ones is quite alarming, the statistics are shocking!

The family institution has been scattered apart, it has been termed as the prison of lifetime, or perhaps, Life imprisonment,
Besides, it’s the source of income to some daughters of Lot, who trade love for money,
Still under your roof, under your sheets, still “under your command” but not under your damn control,
The world needs to slow down, and if not, cover your ears, it’s going to get maddy and slippery, at other side of the cliff..!

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