Before Money Corrupted Love.

Village Lovers

Life was way different in the 90’s going back to the ancient years of humanity,
The days before the introduction of mobile cell phones that had internet in Africa,
Those golden moments when we used handwritten letters to reach the epitome of someone’s heart,
The days when there were no expensive dinners nor summer flights to Disneyland,

I remember the days I was eyeing on this girl, Polina, she was the most beautiful girl in our village,
She used to live a few miles from our home, at the verge of one of the corners of my father’s ancestral land,
Sometimes I would hide in the bushes and listen to her as she gossiped with her mother,
She sat at the feet of her mama, weaving a traditional kyondo, used for fetching cereals from the market,

We became great friends with her small brother Nzioka, so I used him as an intermediary, after bribing him with a few patco sweets ofcourse!
No matter how long she took to convince her mum that she just wanted to be released to collect firewood, I was patient enough!
For the first time in my life I was truly in love, we sat on a rock that hanged on the banks of kongoni river with our legs suspending from above,
We played with the smooth flowing water under the rays of a setting sun, it was so beautiful!

We had a dream that someday we shall make it to the top of the world, we were very optimistic,
Like Adam and Eve we blended with nature, we were so proud of each other, everyone knew about us,
Polina would sacrifice anything for me, we were always there for each other, until money corrupted love!
Man, I wish time had the capability of giving us another chance, I would grab it with my both hands! Anyway Aluta Continua…🚶🏾‍♂️

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  1. Diana says:

    Amazing this

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    1. Thanks alot dear ❣️


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