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She was a young pretty girl with a tender skin of a toddler, glowing under the rays of a setting sun,
Lucia was my best friend’s fiancee, Andy introduced me to her three months ago at the cinema,
She had a warm personality, people loved her, she was a darling to everyone around her,
After a month she moved in with Andy, they seemed to have a perfect chemistry,

They loved holding hands in public, wrapping their hands around each other during evening walks,
Sunset photoshoots was their favourite thing, they really loved taking pictures,
Bosco was Andy’s favourite dog, he would never leave him behind, even on official duties,
They were loyal to each other, sometimes Lucia would get jealous of him,

One Sunday morning I switched on my telly to get a glimpse on what’s trending nation wide,
Girlfriend stabs his boyfriend 22 times” that was the first thing I saw when I flipped the channels,
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the face of Lucia, her hands were bloody!
In a faded picture I saw my best friend’s lifeless body being ferried by a police van,

I tried calling him but his phone was switched off, I couldn’t believe my eyes!
The reporter said she decided to end his boyfriend’s life after finding that he was cheating on her!
She narrated how she hid a kitchen knife under her pillow and waited patiently untill his lover was dead asleep,
Just after the first snore, she ruthlessly descended on him! No one knew that Lucia was a “girlfriend from hell” rest well champ!

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