Greetings Ex-Girlfriend.

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It’s been half a decade since we parted ways, alot has happened, Sasha got married and now she got a bouncing baby boy,
Sinduli the village burglar was arrested, he’s been behind the bars for atleast one year for siphoning fuel from a police van,
You remember Tamara the governor’s daughter? She is now a renowned lawyer and a member of the judiciary too,
And now Corona is threatening to eradicate the entire generation, the gods must be angry..!

I heard that you left the country and you’re now living alone in an island, I’m happy for you, keep winning,
You remember the family drama at Grandma’s? You never wanted to listen to me, I became your enemy,
I went home with my head sunk under the shoulder frames, I vowed never to say a word to you, you were dead to me,
Once again the schools were opened, I went back to school to upgrade my knowledge, this time I was in my third year,

Then the unexpected happened, I was sent to cover a story on my last day as an intern at a local radio station,
With my notepad, a ball pen, and a sound recorder, I phoned my Friend Perps we linked up in town and headed to the venue,
I met with some of the top sports journalists around, I was welcomed in the council of great scribes, it was such an honour,
As we headed back to our respective newsrooms to disturb the air waves, I bumped into my ex-girlfriend, after many years of hate, here we were again! Where are we gonna start?

I can still recall the day, it was a cool, sunny morning, dew hadn’t dried on grass, i was speechless, all of us became dump,
Two ex-lovers who exchanged bitter words in the past, have met again, i asked for her number and we parted,
It didn’t take long, the foes become lovers again, our hearts synched, it was the begginning of a another love story,
Untill the scandal of the “side-hen” grabbed my trousers! but one thing I learnt from this, “tomorrow is a mystery..!” Goodbye Ex-Girlfriend.

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