When You Get Old, My Son…

I was younger and now I’m old, just like wine i get finer with age,
Life has taught me things I would never forget, some lessons are bitter to swallow others are friendly as a pillow,
Listen to these words my son, the world is a very evil place to set your feet on, it’s a territory full of land mines,
You’re allowed to love, but love with a limit, moderation is the perfect word to soothe your bowels,

Do good to people and walk away, expect nothing in return, the word hates good people, heard about Jesus?…
There’s a time for everything, a time to smile, a time to cry, a time to party and a time to mourn, a time to smell roses and a time to place roses on the death bed of a dying one,
Under no circumstances you will ever force love, sacrifice for those little ones who knows your worth, answer their cries when they call for help, a friend in need is a friend indeed,

Remember this words my son, when you visit people in their cribs, don’t overstay, be as brief as an apostrophe,
When you do that, you shall surely save your dignity, don’t visit untill you get an invitation,
If no one invites you to their baby showers, house opening, birthday parties, stay at home and warm your couch, do not embarrass yourself son,
Stay dumb as you learn to listen more, people don’t give a damn about your opinion, they just wait for their turn to speak!

Lastly but not least, whatever that makes you happy, do it, in this controversial world, your happiness is priceless,
Do not listen to people’s opinion about you, whatever they think about you, how they see you is none of your business,
There are two people you can’t afford to upset, the one who lives above the heavens, your creator and the ones that brought you to this world,
Stay humble when you win, do not tell anyone about your future plans, don’t even whisper, the wild has ears!

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