Family, The Sour Concoction.

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There’s nothing more beautiful under the sky than having a family, a clan, somewhere you can call home,
When the bell rings for the evening parade, you know it’s time to see your fellow kinsmen,
When the world turns against you, when everyone leaves, there’s an open door for you, that’s your family!
Even when our skins turn pale, when the tongue dries up, they are your good Samaritans,

I’ve heard someone say that you can only be hurt by people you love, not strangers, I can’t agree more,
So when age comes knocking, when all men in that house get married, the riddle of love and hate begins,
The firm wall between siblings starts to crack, the innocent souls turn chaotic,
This is the beginning of a new era, a generation of black people from different mothers,

Boundaries are set that no breathing animal from the other side should cross the line, people who were once brothers become enemies,
The family is tattered like a piece of an old cloth, everyone cares about their own edge,
For more than six decades the younger brother becomes a bloody foe, he swears to eradicate his elder brother’s lineage!
But after many years of trusting in the heavens, the flawless man remains untouched, family is indeed the “sour concoction”

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