Isabella 💌

Dear Isabella, It’s been a minute since we last spoke, I hope there’s no bad blood between us, I hope you’re still praying for me as you promised, I’ve been trying to reach you in the past one month but your phone has been off, I hope you received my voicemail, please find time to…

The ‘Crush’ I Never Had 💌

Dear Crushie, I know you can still remember the days when we were so little but we still fell in love, unknowingly,The days when all of us adored you, we feared you cos you were from a higher ground, actually you were a cool kid,I know you were so worried when we sidelined ourselves away…

Before Money Corrupted Love.

I remember the days I was eyeing on this girl, Polina, she was the most beautiful girl in our village,
She used to live a few miles from our home, at the verge of one of the corners of my father’s ancestral land,
Sometimes I would hide in the bushes and listen to her as she gossiped with her mother,
She sat at the feet of her mama, weaving a traditional kyondo, used for fetching cereals from the market,

Where Is My Soul Mate? 🤷🏻

I want my wife to exceed the beauty of Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, very attractive,
The undeniable beauty that swayed away the heart of David a righteous man,
May her heart burn with aristocracy, like Esther’s, charging the heart of the Persian king Ahasuerus to be hyperactive,
I plead with you my maker, let her be flawless and natural like the daughters of president Salva Kiir of South Sudan.

Heaven Sent

The wise men once said that the longer you wait for something,
The more you’ll treasure it when you get hold of it,
We had a late night chit-chat, she sounded like an angel from disney land,
Maybe she’s heaven sent, perhaps, a gift from the skies?

Kaluki, My First Love

I was an innocent boy until my first love Kaluki taught me how to kiss,
When i first met her, i mistakenly thought she was a shy girl,
Little did i know she was a mistress of top notch romance,
Still young and naive, i decided to allow her to lead our love journey,

Woman of My Dreams

She was breathtaking like the early morning sun, a brunette,
Her eyes were glowing vividly like a burning candle,
I stood there holding my helmet, restless like a smoker who had lost his cigarette,
I speechlessly watched her beauteous self walk past me, she was so admirable!

Dear First Love

If there’s a lass i have ever loved as far as i can breath, it’s you my Carolina,
Remember the highschool days when we were so tied together,
When we were still young, how we sank in deep thoughts planning our future,
How i used to promise you that i shall be successful like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook,