Shackles of The Street Hawker

At the heart of one of Africa’s most respected cities,
Dwells kings and queens. of survival, the street hucksters,
Determined humans, more persistent than spongers on a buffalo’s skin,
Strangers to each other but loyal when a member of the city council emerges,

Daddy, I Wanna Be Like You

Father would narrate his life story as we crossed our tiny legs near the fire place,
How our grandpa passed away and there was no one left to cater for his family,
The first born, aunt Mukulu got married when poverty stroke our papi’s house,
Grandma, still shocked she turned to idolize the ancient mountain gods,

Execution of The Three Musketeers

It was too late to hide, I smothered her creepy self on the walls of my dwelling unit. One fatality was confirmed, but still the mission went on..

Peculiar Things That My Father Told Me

Summer is here, the trees are losing their leaves yet again,
There is an instant drop of lively plants on the riverbank,
We commence our journey to the farm, winding through the bushy table land,
Father used to let me sit on his neck from behind as we jostled through the woods,