Which Way Your Majesty? 👑🤔

Good evening Your Majesty, how is Michael the Archangel doing? Please pass my greetings to him, tell him that I am eager to know what happened on that dreadful day of battle, when he fought against the serpent! But that’s a story for another day, tonight, I must admit that there’s fire on the mountain,…

Isabella 💌

Dear Isabella, It’s been a minute since we last spoke, I hope there’s no bad blood between us, I hope you’re still praying for me as you promised, I’ve been trying to reach you in the past one month but your phone has been off, I hope you received my voicemail, please find time to…

From Boys To Men

The journey began, we courageously led the army towards Ngosini river, the great river of blood and pain, well-known for changing boys to men,
They smothered our little heads with ashes, and poured buckets of used petroleum oil over our bodies,
One after the other we entered into the ice cold river, into the deepest part until the eight of us were submerged, leaving our heads suspended over the waters,
My body became numb, minute after minute the drumbeats were drastically fading away, we were commanded to step out for the real ceremony,

Blessings From My Grandma’s Piehole.

Since my granny lives along the super highway, i decided to carry with me some pawpaws,
I found her seated on a three-legged stool under a leafy mango tree weaving a basket,
Upon seeing her grey hair, i definitely knew that age was catching up with her,
I greeted her, “susu wakwa, waamukata?” Good morning my grandma…!

The Sacred Midnight Dance

In a circuitous manner the sick person would dance emphatically to impress the gods,
Nodding, shaking shoulders and wobbling their legs in an electrical manner,
This would continue up to the seventh round without stopping,
Then the seeker would drop the pieces of calabash into the middle hole, and head back home free from infirmity!!!

The Late Night Ritual

It’s a night out for the male members of our great tribe, Akamba,
We whirled up the village mountain with a male species of the Boer goat,
The elders are infront of us, holding their spears with a can of fire hanging on the fingers,
It’s time to face the supreme being that liveth on the high places, god of the mountains,

The Mysterious Well

Long time ago when i was a kid, i used to fear going alone to the village well,
Dreadful stories that were told about that well, scared the hell out my nerves,
There was once a woman who went to fetch water late in the midnight,
As she neared the well, she could hear clangorous cries of small babies,

Peculiar Things That My Father Told Me

Summer is here, the trees are losing their leaves yet again,
There is an instant drop of lively plants on the riverbank,
We commence our journey to the farm, winding through the bushy table land,
Father used to let me sit on his neck from behind as we jostled through the woods,