From Boys To Men

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If there’s a month that arouses my goosebumps, for sure I tell you, it is the month of August,
I can remember very well, the schools were closed earlier than usual, so the excitement was now shooting the heavens,
It was yet another precious time to stay away from our daily homeworks, the daunting mathematics assignments,
A time to hibernate and enjoy the warm summer heat away from school, now the plans were underway,

Little did I know that it was my time to face the crooked knife, the following day as I was sleeping in the wee hours of the morning I heard loud drumbeats approaching our home,
I firmly held my blanket with a grip to avoid losing my sweet sleep, but within a fraction of a second, i heard a loud commotion at the brink of my doorstep,
One of them flanged my door wide open, I peeped through my torn cotton blanket and I saw mascular men from the lineage of Goliath,
Hanging bowls of fire under their black hairy arms, I heard a loud voice from the crowd saying, “Step forward and join your peers, it’s time for Nzaiko!”, Circumcission ritual,
Since I knew what would happen if I defied their orders, I stripped down my pyjamas, and stepped out naked like a mad man,

The journey began, we courageously led the army towards Ngosini river, the great river of blood and pain, well-known for changing boys to men,
They smothered our little heads with ashes, and poured buckets of used petroleum oil over our bodies,
One after the other we entered into the ice cold river, into the deepest part until the eight of us were submerged, leaving our heads suspended over the waters,
My body became numb, minute after minute the drumbeats were drastically fading away, we were commanded to step out for the real ceremony,

I was the first in line, Mutemi the chief circumciser knelt down before me, within a blink and a blank, I saw my foreskin lying unconsciously on the sand,
The process went on until all of us had tasted the knife, we were now presented before our “fellow men” to join the elders’ clan,
They sung songs of mighty worriors of our clan, songs of the great war men who defended our borders,
We treaded back home full of energy, leading the whole crowd like soldiers; the community was eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the new men in town!

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  1. Powerful. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you too my friend for reading đŸ¤—


      1. you are very welcome :}

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