Blessings From My Grandma’s Piehole.

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Yesterday i paid a visit to my grandma, it’s been like a year since i saw her,
You know how the world has been suffering under the muscles of an unknown flu from the heart of Wuhan,
Just like my country people, i left the city for upcountry to see my parents,
Since the lockdown was lifted by our local authority, it was perfect time to mingle with my kinsmen,

Since my granny lives along the super highway, i decided to carry with me some pawpaws,
I found her seated on a three-legged stool under a leafy mango tree weaving a basket,
Upon seeing her grey hair, i definitely knew that age was catching up with her,
I greeted her, “susu wakwa, waamukata?” Good morning my grandma…!

She slowly lifted her face in disbelief, she giggled for a few minutes and responded “nesa muno mwisukuuwa” very well my grandson!
She dragged a square mart that she had made the previous day and i rested upon it,
We had a small chit-chat, i told her how things were tough at the city when the president decided to lock the gates,
But she was so delighted that i visited her, I handed over to her a well wrapped parcel of fruits,

Then she stared at me from head to toes and said, “handsome you’re son, I’m sure beautiful girls are after you!”
We both laughed for a few minutes, but she was still inquisitive, “where is the lucky girl?”
But i found a perfect excuse, i told her that there’s no love in the city, that our sisters are never ready for love,
Though the days of my youth are fast fading away, she responded “worry not son, soon you will get hold of her, i can feel her from a distance and she’s absolutely beautiful!”

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  1. Jorge Medico says:

    We all should have a grandma like this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you so much for reading😉


    2. And it’s true, I’m so privileged to have her😁


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