The Late Night Ritual

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It’s yet another night in the woods, the stars are glowing merrily from the skies,
The mysterious, big-eyed owl is standing on a boabab tree far away,
I can hear the hoo-hoo sound of the great horned owl from the bushy hill side,
We are on an essential mission to save our dehydrating land,
Who placed a curse on our land? The fields cracking out of dryness,

It’s a night out for the male members of our great tribe, Akamba,
We whirled up the village mountain with a male species of the Boer goat,
The elders are infront of us, holding their spears with a can of fire hanging on the fingers,
It’s time to face the supreme being that liveth on the high places, god of the mountains,

Upon reaching the shrine, we split into several groups,
Us being young and inexperienced, we were told to sit forty metres away,
It was a taboo for an uncircumcised boy to step on the holy place,
The goat was beheaded by one mascular man, Nzangi the village butcher,

The blood was allowed to sink into the brown tongues of the idols,
The carcass was to be left hanging under the trees, to drain every drop of it for a few hours,
After the sacrifice, the elders would kneel in a circular form to seal their oath,

Then they would light a fire at the right side of the sanctum, and wait at home for three good days for the reply!

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