Just Before You Blink For The First Time, Son…

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Before you blink for the first time on this planet my son, just presume that you’re alone, humans beings are snakes, vampires, scavengers, crocodiles..,
Before you step on this ground for the first time, expect nothing from anyone, you ought to choose to be a happy man,
Before you crawl for the first time on earth, just don’t change your character to impress people, be yourself everyone else has been taken,
Just before you hear the first sound across your hood, just know that no one whatsoever wants to hear the truth, do not comfort them with a lie..!

It’s a few weeks to your big day, but I hope you can hear me, I can feel your tender feet kicking, easy son…
Step in this world as a bold man, lift more than your agemates, run an extra mile ahead before you call it quits,
Your life is entirely your responsibility, don’t you ever blame anyone for not lending a hand when you got into trouble,
Rest your hands not,
rise early before sun rise, no one wants to associate with a lazy person! It’s a taboo,

I pray for you that you may be a responsible man, be loyal to your woman, don’t be carried by the windy wave,
When your teeth are firm enough to chew sugarcane, just remember you were once a powwrless kid, some people raised you,
Be respectful to everyone who helped you rise the stair case, do not burn the bridges, you might need them once you’re getting down,
And lastly, may the Lord protect you from the evil eyes of the descendants of Cain; the jealous fraternity!

Tè amor Little Prince” ❤️❤️❤️

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