Inside the gates of hell

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Life is unbearable in this side of Sahara, the sun is still hot but our taps have run dry,
We are living in a cursed land where you can sleep a baron and wake up a pauper the next day,
Maybe the blood that we spilled in 2007, the innocent lives that we brutally exterminated has recurred to haunt us!
Infact living in my country under this regime should be included in the Guinness world of records, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

This nation can only be compared with an old diesel wagon with flat tyres, driven by a deaf man on a rocky terrain,
Even when it gets bumpy and all pedestrians are shouting at him to pull over,
He gets the wrong message and accelerates, crushing all the four rims of steel even before he gets home,
By the time he realises his mistake, the wagon has been marred beyond repair!

The situation is worsening everyday, I’m afraid we’re going down like the Libyan government after the fall of Gaddafi!
By allowing foreigners to invest in our country, letting them build their empires and watch as they enslave our sons in our own land,
But why Africa? That fat envelope that you took from the Dynast of Mumbai, Mr president, it shall come back to haunt you someday!
Our people are working like donkeys in the foreigner’s warehouse but their wages cannot feed a bull dog for a whole week!

While we’re sailing through the gates of hell our immediate neighbour is mourning the demise of their esteemed president,
The soft Swahili spoken son of a peasant farmer who sacrificed his life for all the poor Tanzanians,
A selfless man who was known for his no non-sense attitude towards any corrupt leader around, he was nicknamed as the “bulldozer president”
But why do good people die? Or maybe the giver of life decided to let him rest, the world shall always remember you uncle Magu!

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