Under The Foot of A Woman.

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If my papa calls you tonight, tell him I made up my mind, I’m leaving the city,
Why?..Life is quite unbearable over here, everything has been commercialised,
Like a thorn in a flesh of an athlete, this town is surely a dream breaker,
The tables have been turned upside down, no man shall speak without authorization from the ‘other gender’,

Long ago the voice of man was compared with a siren, a wake up call!
An old man would just clear his throat, all his seven wives would come running, holding gourds of water,
All of them were willing to rub his back, for he was the kingpin, the sole provider of his own community,
The quest to fight against male chauvinism intensified, all of them united to empower the ‘other gender’,

They became powerful, one by one they started misplacing the old men from their royal seats,
They stealthily entered into the council of men, they stole all secrets of governance,
One leader stretched for the hand of another, like a spider’s web the chain grew massively,
Now as we speak, the world is sitting on their laps, they can steer it towards any direction of their choice,

Open your eyes, can’t you see the young men are being buried alive? most of them are fighting to survive,
After completing their studies in the university and failing to secure a white collar job, they end up doing odd jobs,
While men are dominating the informal sector, pushing wheelbarrows to earn a living, the other gender is parading a fleet of cars,
This might look like any other joke by Mr. Bean, but trust me the male gender is in deep trouble!

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