Tyrant Of The Eastern Jungle

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Be silent, the king is passing! Mute your siren, the black despot is listening!
Behold, his loyal gun men are all over the streets, determined to open fire,
The lakeside barbarian stings like a full grown python, dare him not,
He’s drunk in power, he’s following the routes of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and his excellency Idi Amin Dada,

There’s no sympathy in his vocabulary, neither can you find fear in his DNA,
He manipulated the entire constitution to suit his old body muscles,
By placing his own son on the highest rank of military, he is assured of the longest stay ever,
By locking out any help from the international arena, his country is now struggling to feed it’s own people,

Like an archer in a forest full of wildebeests, he’s hunting down every soul that defies against him,
The blood of the innocent calls from the ground, they died in the line of duty,
In their undying quest to find justice for their fellow countrymen, their skulls were blown out in broadday light,
When the protests intensified, live bullets were sprayed all over the streets,

He has been in power for more than three decades, rumours has it that he’s been married to the throne,
He snatched the crown from the claws of a youthful tiger, so he dared his successor to follow suit,
No matter how hard they try to vote him out, he threatens the electoral commission,
Even before the cork crows, he is announced as the ultimate winner, he’s truly “the choice of the people!”

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