Inside An African Home.

Once again, the rainy season is here, fumes of a healing land can be seen from a distance,
Before the sun rises from it’s hiding place, mama is already awake, she’s seated on her three-legged stool while milking Kalondu the fresian cow,
The land is still wet and slippery, inside the Boma a herd of goats can be heard bleating, the kids are fighting to suckle for breakfast,
The cows are sleeping together to keep warm, with their bellies intact, the heat party has just started,

The Sun Shall Rise Again Tomorrow…

I would hang a small calabash of cold water on my shoulders, a sling on my left hand and leave home to protect my father’s territory from invaders,
The sun would strike hard at noon, leaving everyone desperate for a cup of cold water, all animals would hide under giant leafy trees,
Strong winds would wipe through the starving face of land, only the strongest would survive,
I would leave at dusk, after a long tiresome day in the field alone, but with a ray of hope that the sun shall rise again tomorrow, and it’s going to be a better day!

It’s Not Easy To Be A Man

A council of grey-haired wise men once said that “whatever doesn’t slay man makes him stronger!”
In my community, whenever a boy is born, the first duty of the midwife is to let him taste a drop of honey,
The baby whirls his tongue through his tiny mouth licking every drop of it, then a piece of red pepper is introduced thereafter!
Then everyone stares at him as he struggles to drain soup from the wrong honey comb, the clamorous cry lasts for more than an hour!

Why The Lion Doesn’t Greet Man

Even though the flesh eaters raised a white flag and veered away, a ferocious rivalry between man and the beast of land grew in a massive way!
Hyaenas would hide in the midst of the leafy scrublands and wait patiently until a sheep steps in the their territory,
Wild dogs too became vengeful, they would isolate a goat from the herd, scoop away the inner parts and disappear before it’s too late,
The baboons and monkeys waited until it was harvest time, when there was plenty of food in the shamba, things became tough for mankind!

When I Was A Kid

Life was good then, I was being treated as a real prince, with all the royalty and numerous maidens around, untill the king decided to add another small pikini,
I was deprived off my “all-time favourite” title which now was wholesomely granted to my younger brother,
The attention and favour that I attracted when I was the only “last born” around, vanished away,
The master became the servant, “go bring me a spoon from the cupboard drawer, I want to feed your small brother, faster!” My mom’s high-pitched voice commanded,

From Boys To Men

The journey began, we courageously led the army towards Ngosini river, the great river of blood and pain, well-known for changing boys to men,
They smothered our little heads with ashes, and poured buckets of used petroleum oil over our bodies,
One after the other we entered into the ice cold river, into the deepest part until the eight of us were submerged, leaving our heads suspended over the waters,
My body became numb, minute after minute the drumbeats were drastically fading away, we were commanded to step out for the real ceremony,

Nothing To Smile About 💔

Rays of an angry morning sun smothers upon the sandy valleys,
Monitor lizards, squirrels and lizards are hibernating, the leafless trees offer a better resting environment,
I can hear a cluster of ageing men murmuring about the worsening situation as they trail along the dusty village road,
One of them proposes that they should slaughter a youthful white lamb as a sacrifice to the angry gods,

A Village of Sorcerers

For a toddler to survive up to the age of seven is a miracle that will forever be told in history,
Evil and scornful eyes of socereres’ hang around the village tall trees,
Seeking to devour every young soul within, born or unborn, “dreadful killers of the east!”
Agents of the fallen angel, Lucifer, work hand in hand with the cursed generations of cattle, birds and beasts of the sea,

Strokes That Made Us🤭

Hold on, there’s this day i will never forget, I and my two brothers decided to follow our own rules, we woke up early before cock crow,
We wore our school uniform in darkness to avoid unnecessary commotion and softly sneaked out of our bedroom,
We didn’t even take breakfast, we avoided anything that would drag our little legs back, we couldn’t afford missing out of the phenomenal games day,
No one among us was a participant, we were among the hundreds of cheerleaders that turned up on the material day,

Lethal Sons of A Thunderstorm

We had agreed to leave our respective homes just to keep alive the house of our grandpa,
The three of us; I as Nguma, the famous one, Ngovi, the slapping machine and Ngomoli the abductor was a deadly trio you wouldn’t want to mess with,
Before jetting out of our home, we would carry with us rolls of wires for hunting,
Also we would hang bows diagonally across our little thoraxes and head deep in the south of our ancestral land,