How do birds survive?

Have you ever thought of birds, squirrels, impalas, baboons, basically wildlife?…
How they survive out there in the woods, alone, in summer all through winter!…when it’s raining, where is their fire point? How do they cope with bad weather, storms, hurricanes!?… How many living things, the tiny ones up to the biggest creature alive,
Sea monsters, crocs, fish, hippos, bow they sleep in ice cold water?
When the west monsoon winds blow,
Who hides them turtles, snails, centipedes?
And them bees, how tiny they are, but they are the only real chefs’. While us, with our masters degrees and big time coronations,
We’re still struggling with our poor meals, which lasts for a few weeks, months, years! No, not life time, temporarily!
That alone reminds me that there’s a supreme being above us, a deity.

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