Sounds of The Silent Night

Photo by Pinterest

It’s nearly midnight, the last night of September, I can feel goose bumps sprouting out of my hairy black skin, the sound of a whirlwind is heard from a far, sweeping off unpegged clothes from their respective lines,
Although the streets are empty, not everyone is asleep, homeless dogs are sniffing around bins of the local restaurants, others are pissing on vehicles parked along the grill, a message that they’re now king for a few hours till day break,
The roads have been vacated, the long distance chauffeurs have parked by the roadside, I suppose to take a long nap, everything is on a stand still, or perhaps everyone is paying tribute to the incumbent president, with his controversial delegate?
The rains have boycotted once again, at this time of the year the land is usually wet, or maybe the gods are angry, the traditionalists didn’t perform their cults as usual, or the worshippers have abandoned their immortal God?

The street lights are flickering, the sky is clear, there are no shooting stars to observe over tonight, the moon seems gloomy or maybe he’s tired of shinning for all of us, ungrateful humans?
It’s been a while I haven’t seen a bat, we used to enjoy chasing after them when I was a small boy back in the village, but now I don’t know who scared them away! They don’t show up nowadays,
Where are the insects that used to buzz at night back then? The frogs that croaked till sunrise? The bleating of the male goat as he chased the pack to find a mate, the bluffing of male cows that scared away potential contenders,
I’m scared the world is going to leave it’s own axis sooner than we all expect, the natural ones have already departed, our great grand children will never hear “the sounds of the silent night”, they shall read it in books of history, in liue…🥵


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