Not A Surprise If You Leave 🤔

Photo by Pinterest

You know, I’m not doubting the affection that you’ve always had for me, neither do I plan to ever leave you out in the cold, seated on the benches of true love, alone,

But sometimes I wonder how long will our paradise survive, how many hours will it take for you to shut the doors off when the sons of our able neighbours will come thirsting..?

How many times will I ever be forced to tame my ego, to swallow all my insecurities? How many days will I pretend to be just fine when they slow down and flirt with you by the roadside?

How long will it take for the world around us to adjust, will they ever stop whistling at you when you pass by? Where will I ever gain the courage to tell them that you aren’t my sister just to avoid the fate that befell Abraham?

I know you’re tired of being a vegetarian which came by default since you met me, maybe you miss the days your father used to take you out for shopping twice every week,

When you used to eat any meal you wished for in that expensive menu, the long trips you’ve always had with them, the memorable times you spend at the luxurious hotels along the coastal beaches,

I know you dearly miss them, maybe it’s time you go visiting, the schools are now closed and your younger sister is home alone, even if you won’t come back I will understand,

I know you’re tired of answering their stubborn questions, whether you walk to church or your “husband” drives, whether he’s able to cater for your needs or struggling to adjust life with a princess,

I know it’s been a while since you covered yourself with a new outfit, a lavish one, like the pink mermaid dress you fell in love with, that sunny day at the mall,

I know your love for wild animals melts within you like brimstone fire, but just be patient for a little while longer we’ll visit the Mara conservation,

I know you’re tired with my proverbs about the future, the unending stories of a brighter day ahead, or maybe the pressure is too much from your girlfriends to leave me,

But you know I don’t blame them either, maybe they’re right I’m not worthy to have you, it’s not a surprise if you leave me, Shannie…🤔

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