Girls of The Tingling Effect, We See You…πŸ₯΅

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Hello tax collectors, how is Christmas time, have you slaughtered a ram or you’re waiting for new year to maul the flesh of a young male goat, at your neighbours’
Aren’t your pockets full after such a long harvest in the woods after sneaking away with legal statements of ownership, as you win brutal cases in court,
Why are you so obsessed with the things of the earth? You see those new shoes they bought you for Christmas, they will fade out one day, but you, you will die from inside when you remember the old man who never had a chance to say goodbye to his fellow kinsmen..!
To be sincere, how do you sleep knowing you’re the reason why someone lays deep, six feet under! Life is far much wider to focus on one thing, mammon, please, be diverse,

Don’t you see young men are shying away from you, it’s never right in Africa to eat from the same pot of soup with your father, grandfather, that’s an abomination!
Let me exit the road from here, it’s better to walk on the valley alone than to share a couch with a man struggling to breathe after being infected by the killer flu,
Your heads are set like sirens, your nose hollow enough to sniff any traces of new currency around the blue conference rooms,
Maybe that’s the reason men are fleeing away from embracing you, all of them want to live longer to see their grandchildren thrive in this hard world,

Build your castle from deep sea, the power of a good house lies in the foundation, it’s really sweet to eat your own sweat,
Where did you take your rear stake, or you sold it to the black whites of the dry land port who live to eat today and die tomorrow?
I know you love them dearly, with their sweet tongues they confuse you with valuable things, and you just like a snare, they catch your mouth wide open,
The men with a common cap that is home to all bragging rights they’ve ever had, bright outside but dull indoors,

But as you go seizing people’s pockets be warned, where I come from people respect other people’s sweat, they say choices have consequences,
Thousands of tales have been taught of how our people are cheap in the market, how they throw away things while them on the other side smash people’s heads with a mattock,
When you meet God you shall humble yourselves like quails, why should we boast when all of us are mud? Soil and saliva..!?
Sit down, open your belt, release your heavy stomach, do people’s laundry and get yourself some coins, the bills are desperately staring at you, ma’am πŸ₯΅

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