The Uninvited Guest

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Michael Jackson

A son of a king in a kingdom far away once said, “all is vanity, but for sure, we can’t agree more!
In his entire life he was sorrounded by the most beautiful damsels on earth,
All riches of land; pure gold, silver, fame, he was a ruler of a royal empire,
He tasted all the sweetness of land, he tapped every drop of it but at the end, he testified that all was vanity!

There’s a man whose music spread all over the world like bush fire,
Up to this moment, he still holds the title of “king of Pop music” his name is Michael Jackson,
Personally I adolised Michael, I still got his pictures on my wall, he was a great man!
When he sung “you’re not alone“, I believed him, I never thought he would sleep and not wake up someday!

Wherever you are Michael, please greet Lucky Dube for me, tell him I still “remember him” truly we are living in a crazy world!
On 18th of October every year, I listen to his music all day, I light a candle to remember him,
The government of South Africa said that you were killed by armed robbers who were after your Chrysler, but we don’t buy that!
You were a powerful mouthpiece, you fought for equality through your music but the authorities were not happy,

Lucky Dube

And to the greatest boxer to ever grace the sport, champion of the world Mohammad Ali, I salute you,
I watch your video clips repeatedly, how you brutalised great fighters, you are a star,
We know that you refused to fight in the Vietnamese war, they sent you to jail for five years,
But one thing we all know, you’re exactly who you said you are! But if it were not for the “uninvited guest” who robbed you from us…we could still have you around…

Mohammad Ali

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