A Tribute To You, Grandma 😔💔

Hello Grandma, I’m still in disbelief that you’ve already left us without a proper goodbye, it hurts to see you leave in such a high moment,When all of us are all grown, ready to face the world, mature enough to stand on our feet as we internalize the highs n lows of this life,We never…

The Uninvited Guest

There’s a man whose music spread all over the world like bush fire,
Up to this moment, he still holds the title of “king of Pop music” his name is Michael Jackson,
Personally I adolised Michael, I still got his pictures on my wall, he was a great man!
When he sung “you’re not alone”, I believed him, I never thought he would sleep and not wake up someday!

Till We Meet Again, Gloria! 😭💔

Her physical appearance intimidated all her peers who boycotted walking with her, she became a lone ranger!
It is at this low moment of her life when the Kevins and Brians of that time saw a perfect time to strike!
With my monthly pocket money of a thousand bob I had no option but to down my tools and sneak away to the bachelor’s jungle,
The floor was left for cool kids who hailed from big estates within the Nairobi metropolitan area, not for me and my colleagues from the United Kingdom (Ukambani)

Goodbye My Friend😭🖤

I know you’re in heaven dancing with angels,
It is well my friend, hold on till we meet again,
This world is not our home, we are just passing through,
All human beings shall taste the reward of sin, It is written, “From dust we were made and dust we shall return!” Goodbye my friend😭😭😭