A Tribute To You, Grandma πŸ˜”πŸ’”

Photo by Artstation

Hello Grandma, I’m still in disbelief that you’ve already left us without a proper goodbye, it hurts to see you leave in such a high moment,
When all of us are all grown, ready to face the world, mature enough to stand on our feet as we internalize the highs n lows of this life,
We never knew you would leave us on the crossroads as we prepare to jet in to the promised land, the political dust is here once again, but we’re trusting God He will give us a good leader, a caring one for that matter, just like you grandma,
You never missed any of our great moments as your grandchildren, you attended all of our historical moments in life; weddings, “family get-togethers”, graduation ceremonies, just to mention but a few…
You were like a sun flower, 🌻 you used to smile back to the world even when the ground wasn’t conducive enough for you, you were meant to be a great person to all of us, Shosh,
You strengthened our bonds in all days, teaching us the virtue of togetherness, pulling our hands in an inward circle, to help one another in times of trouble,
That we should never point figures at our own blood, instead we should hold the rope in one piece, as we pull towards the same direction, that’s the spirit of a winning team,
We shall always follow your word, the discipline you instilled in all of us shall forever remain in our hearts, how you used to pinch us when we were very tiny, made us the responsible people we are today,

They say when a big tree falls, the offsprings of a bird 🐦 gets into trouble, when the mother leaves the young ones are left in the colder side, alone,
But even as you leave grandma, we have absolutely nothing to regret, we lived well with you, you were a like golden mirror to all of us,
When you get to heaven great for us our great grandfather Mr. John Katiku, some of us never had a chance to share a moment with him, but we all have our fate, anyway,
As you fly away into the cloud of hope, pass our greetings to our great forefathers, tell them their legacy is bigger than they would have ever expected…! Cos in a little while we’re going home, see you then, Susu Ndila.

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  1. Carol Nthenya says:

    I am proud of you dear ..keep doing it


    1. Thank you dear cuzn πŸ’•


  2. Taby says:

    Wow wow wow this is so amazing bro… keep it up πŸ’ͺ

    Liked by 1 person

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