Hello There, My Doppleganger 😊

Photo by Dreamstime

Hello my photocopy, great to see you in good shape after such a long time with no see, as you’ve seen your legacy is live on air, with your favourite radio presenter, presenting,
Good to see you alive and kicking, health-wise, you are now reaping what you sow back then when you stayed faithful to him, who liveth above the heavens,
After you decided to call yourself after a man who was victimised for doing what was right, they say names have power,
Even when they threw stones at you, you stayed back, you never took vengeance even at your worst, cos our lives are scripted, isn’t it?

But to me, I’m not like that, I spit the truth on people’s faces, I believe if they don’t respect you, don’t hesitate to get your dignity back,
These humans can drown you into a sea of deep thinking, depression, even when you are good to them, they’ll still find ways of putting you down,
Even if you pour honey on your finger and feed them from that, they’ll still bite your finger, how ungrateful are humans?
But I’m still learning life, forgiveness is the only thing that we have, how can we ask for it, if we don’t really give it?

I know your immediate old man is running all round ranting like a hungry hyaena in the jungle, who seeks to devour any flesh, whether fresh or carcass,
Trying to show the world that he’s far much better than you, but is it true? Their dens are full of people with black hands,
Have you ever seen darkness and light meet at any particular time? Never, it was never made to be, I don’t know why they’re so desperate panting after you,
Even if you paint a donkey with black stripes and white ones, it will still remain a donkey but it will never become a zebra, Never!

Just stay calm as you’ve always been, be a happy man as you watch what your legacy is turning out to be,
You are like a piece of diamond, you illuminate the world and everything that there is in, we are so lucky to have you as our head beacon,
The Lord does not lie, he’s not like a human being, He created sleep but he never sleeps, watching over all of us, all day, all night,
He’ll fight for you as He said in the ancient chapter of leaving the great land, only if you stay still, give me the button when you feel I’m ready, I’ll proceed on your command, my doppelganger πŸ˜‡

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