A Serpent Under My Pillow

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An infectious smile, sleeping side eyes and a tight skirt around the headquarters of Gomorah was a lethal weapon used by “slay queens” then,
Christmas was over, new year celebrations were fading out peacefully, as usual the 100 days of Njaanuary were here to stay, the long count down began, the first day!
We welcomed the new year in style, Musyoka and I were walking around searching for new liquor stores to quench our thirst,
With bling bling jewelry around my neck, a mo-hawk with a sharp zig zag hair cut and new white sneakers, I was feeling hotter than the solar system,

Beautiful girls were staring at me, all eyes were on me the “Black Prince of Persia” I even changed my walking style for the moment,
“Hello cutie” a soft female voice was calling behind us, I pulled down my tinted spectacles to confirm my instincts,
This is it! A light skinned young girl, curvy like Kim Kardashian stood there, she continued, “Hey handsome, can I have your number?”
I didn’t hesitate on this one, I gave her my number and we walked home together, what a style to finish my day!

I waved goodbye to my best friend Musyoka and journeyed home with my little princess, she told me her name was “Natasha
We watched the “Titanic movie” together, munching popcorns and teasing each other, she finally slept on my breast,
I didn’t last long too, the angels of sleep came knocking, I slept peacefully like a toddler!
With all those scaring sounds of a sinking ship running in the background, women screaming at the top of their voices, I melted in deep sleep like a candle,

The following day when I opened my eyes, I didn’t see princess Natasha, I thought I was dreaming, I rubbed my eyes to confirm my doubts!
She was gone, the door was locked from outside, both my TV and the Titanic movie were gone too!
My house was swept blank, it looked like a football field, all my expensive jewellery were no where to be seen,
I was literally sweating, panting after my heart beats, I had been scammed by the real city dwellers! That is the day I realised i slept with “a serpent under my pillow”

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