Under The Moonlight, Alone.

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Man walking alone, at night

There are days we never want to let go, infact we are more than willing to stay awake till day break,
The nights that we spent time together with family, warming our legs around the bonfire,
Playing games like little babies, teasing each other to know their strengths and faults,
The nights in upcountry where laughter has no limits, unlike life in the city where you must act like a saint,

Then there are the terrifying days that no one is ever willing to record in his dairy,
For instance, the day I sat down for my fourth form exam back in highschool will forever remain a gloomy day,
Fear, anxiety and phobia of failing the test was hovering around the exam room, this was like a night of raid in El Ade, Somalia,
“This will determine your life, if you fail it’s up to you!” I can recall the voice of our school principal then, Mr. Wambua,

There is this day I boarded one mbukoni safaris famously known as the “jungle warrior” we left the city at around 4pm in the afternoon,
It started raining cats and dogs, thunder and lightning became the order of the day, the roads became slippery!
At exactly 11:45 pm I alighted, the rain intensified, there were no courier services around, so I had no choice but to walk towards home,
I looked up in sky as a way to signal the deity to strangle the intensity of heaven taps but the full moon was just staring at me,

Everything along the slippery muddy road became suspicious, the small thickets seemed to wave at me,
When the lightinning stroke I remembered my red cap, I threw it away to avoid being killed by the angry gods,
When i was younger grandma told me that it was a taboo to wear any clothing with a red colour on it, it would bring wrath to the gods of lightinning!
By the time I got home our night Watchman didn’t recognise me, I had to call him by his name, “Simba” he wagged his tail and stopped barking!

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