Light My Candle Now, When I Can Still Breath

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The days of my life are far much spent and age is catching up with me, l have learnt lessons that no tutor whatsoever would have taught me,
I have broken hearts of people who would have taken a bullet for me, queens who would embrace me when the hurricanes become intense,
I have closed doors for genuine souls and poured out my heart to some daughters of Jezebel, who stained my white garments and left without a notice,
I have uprooted trees that would someday grow and spread branches all over for birds to build their nests and bring forth new generations,

My son, meditate upon this, why do you hold on for so long at the foot of a closed turnstale knocking like a mad man while there’s an open door behind you?
Why do you turn down free offers to live on your knees begging for a little attention from people who do not care about you?
Relax, take a deep breathe boy, do not kill yourself trying to impress a two-legged mammal that wouldn’t even mourn you when your skin is pale and cold,
Listen to the signals triggered in your brain, let the heart do it’s essential work of pumping blood, do not confuse it again!

The greatest adversary of man is a man, let alone the snake and her descendants, the curse still lives on,
People would never feed you when you’re hungry, they would rather feed their four- legged night watchmen than stretch their hands to save your starving soul,
But they would travel miles to come and burry you when the news go viral that you’ve kicked the blanket,
That is the moment they will offer to buy you a golden casket, that you may be send six fit under, in a colourful way,

If you want to be my friend, please show me now when I can still see you, do not wait until my iris collapses and I cannot blink anymore,
If you want to shake my hand please do it now when the grip is still firm, do not wait until the muscles are no more,
Again if you want to make me happy, do it as early as now when all my teeth are firm like pillars of Babel, wait not until my mouth is as empty as an auditorium,
Lastly, if I ever came to you asking for help but you turned your back against me, please when the sun goes down on me, do not even bother to attend my funeral..!

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