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There’s a nation that paints it’s outermost covering with a bright colour, showcasing the white edges but burying the dull surface under the red carpet,
A state of narcissistic individuals who prey on the muscles of the destitute, a desperate newspaper vendor,
Sweeping the hard-earned coins of a shoe shiner into their overflowing storehouses,
A country that knows not the law of empathy, draining away the bowls of a street beggar! And still walks away as if nothing happened!?

A country that doesn’t care about the future of their youth, a president who comfortably swings in his royal seat sipping wine,
While the four corners of his ‘rightful’ territory are burning day after day, soon the pillars will collapse,
Their words are sweeter than desert honey, their promises at the podium caresses the soul of a poor person,
Their manifestoes are well scripted to woo the street hawker who is already crawling in despair,

In this side of the world, teens and young adults have a PhD in opening liquor bottles, irrespective of their gender,
Due to high levels of stress and depression, the youths have suspended their academic paperwork for future use,
When an opportunity comes knocking, only those with financial muscles profit from it,
But for the sons of desolate fathers, anger and hunger dwells within,

Maybe the gods of the land are angry, but no one is willing to offer a burnt sacrifice,
Or you’ve have wronged the mighty Lord of Sabaoth, you should get down on your knee as early as now,
Life is unbearable in this side of Sahara, tomorrow remains a mystery before our eyes,
But until they cleanse their house to suit humanity, it will forever remain a nation of hungry people

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