Kalondu πŸ’Œ

photo by dreamstime

Good afternoon Kalondu, How are you? I hope everyone at home is well, please say Hi to the civil servant, maybe one day he will be my father-in-law, maybe, but that, is a story for another day!

I know I am a stranger to you, I, am a ‘friend’ you’ve just met at work place, a son of a no body, but i know all of us have got hearts, inside us, sometimes we love, sometimes we don’t,

I know I’m just a villager in the city who has come to find life, in this unforgiving site, but I’m trying to adjust, as i always say, “days are not the same, and seasons too”, there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel,

I know you were raised in a military way, in an intelligent manner, by a strong fatherly figure, but I was raised by a school teacher, you know, the privileges we never had back then, cos father had many stomachs to feed,

I must confess you are one of the most beautiful girl I have seen in a while, everytime that you giggle, your smile in the morning is like sunshine, it brightens up my day!

A girl who treasures natural beauty like a gem, a firstborn in a family of three, a fine, humble daughter of our land, the great Kamba kingdom,

I know the word “beautiful” sounds a clichΓ© to you, it’s a word that you might have heard since childhood, but today, allow me to put silver lining on it, yes, you’re beautiful, Kalondu,

By the way, thank you for accepting to feature in my photogenic wall, thank you for supporting my dream, I’m gonna repay you one day Kalondu,

I admit i do not know much about you, we’ve just met in a tight environment, in a congested room where a huge decision is being made, the national duty,

But i hope as the days pass by, ill ever come to know much about you, what really lightens up your world, your passions in life, your dreams,

I treasure the times we’ve ever had a conversation together, sometimes I think I’m right, sometimes I’m not, cos we’re humans, there’s always a room to make an error,

I know you’re way above my class, but you’re the dream picture I’ve had since childhood, you know sometimes it’s better to say than to keep your peace, if our paths will never meet again, please, consider me, Kalonduβ€¦πŸ’Œ

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  1. Interesting, even more interesting than what I imagined. thanks

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