Which Way Your Majesty? πŸ‘‘πŸ€”

Photo by ClipartLogo.com

Good evening Your Majesty, how is Michael the Archangel doing? Please pass my greetings to him, tell him that I am eager to know what happened on that dreadful day of battle, when he fought against the serpent!

But that’s a story for another day, tonight, I must admit that there’s fire on the mountain, the prey has now grown bigger than the hunter, the giant spider seeks to flee for it’s life, cos a mightier prey has torn it’s web apart!

To be precise, they pushed us hard to abandon our own brimstone and rekindle a fire in their own camp, but they didn’t enlighten us on how to live with an empowered lioness! Please, the pan is too hot to handle, which way Your Majesty?

While some are in long blue dresses saving the world in ICU’s, others are in dazzling red miniskirts enticing men with fake admiration, hence sweeping their fat pockets to infinity!

The streets are not safe anymore Your Honour, the seats are too cold to sit on, we would rather die of thirst than to quench our souls with a cup of sparkling clean water served by our “beloved wives”,

We as the boys fraternity feel threatened, our freedom is at bay, they have already cemented their feet at the high courts, we are left with no choice but to submit!

Not long ago, one of our own had a little quarrel with his newly wedded wife, so he went to bed earlier than usual, upon resting his head on the pillow of his wife’s side, he felt something hard underneath, he found a big kitchen knife lying there!

As we speak My Lord, it’s been a week since we last saw him, those who saw him say he was seen leaving the town on foot carrying a black polythene bag headed southwards, he left every possession he had for her!

Your Majesty, they are so beautiful to behold, they’re like roses, sunflowers, peacocks, horses, I must admit it’s hard to resist them, but we are scared to embrace them!

By the look of our human eyes, they’re so tender to touch, but they slip in between our fingers like bush honey, they’re untouchable, untamable, unpredictable..,

I have a proposal Your Majesty, equip us with your unfailing wisdom, put-on our inner lenses, give us the understanding to set apart mermaids from dolphins, centipedes from millipedes, harmful from harmless..,

Before the devil’s breath reaches our fading lungs, before our youthful skin gets wrinkled up, before the sun goes down and the chapter of our lives is closed forever, please, pay us a visit, Your Majestyβ€¦πŸ€”

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