Isabella 💌

Photo by Art Station

Dear Isabella, It’s been a minute since we last spoke, I hope there’s no bad blood between us, I hope you’re still praying for me as you promised,

I’ve been trying to reach you in the past one month but your phone has been off, I hope you received my voicemail, please find time to reply me cos I really miss you big time,

Things aren’t yet colourful, the elbow is still out of it’s socket_, but we’re trying to fix it, everyone is optimistic here that things will prevail before dawn,

How is everyone at home? Junior told me your mum was discharged from the hospital two weeks ago, that she welcomed a bouncing baby boy, tell her that your new “friend” has said Hi, with congratulations too,

Is the rainy season over or you’re still harvesting? I know it’s that time of the year that there’s alot of pumpkins, sweet potatoes and cow peas, I hope you bring with you a basket of all,

Once you get this Bella, go to the railway station nearby, ask for a man called Bosco, he will direct you on what to do, I’ve arranged everything for you, just don’t be late!

Leave as early as possible, before the witches of our village see you, lest they cast a worse spell on you! You know how wicked our people can be?

Do not be friendly to anyone aboard, be watchful of where you place your luggage, there’s absolutely no one to trust there, as long as he journeys towards this city! No one is your friend, no matter how friendly they act!

You remember Monica my cousin? The one who doesn’t keep her hair, the one who shaves in a style like mine yeah, the one with eagle eyes and chopped eyebrows?

She will be waiting for you at the station, probably you will arrive at around eight in the evening, do not marvel when you see the many lights of the city, it’s darker than you can ever imagine,

Walk by her side, be keen not to lose her sight on the streets, here people can steal you with your possessions, if anyone steps on you, do not stop neither say sorry, proceed as if nothing happened! Do not apologise, that’s the culture here,

Once you get on board, do not create rapport with the driver, these are the most dangerous people in the city, they know all the routes around, besides, they’re the most polygamous men in our country, be watchful, my Bella! ❤️‍🔥

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  1. Bridgette says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m intrigued by your writing. What an interesting piece you’ve written here. I want to know more.

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    1. Wow, i got no words to express my happiness this night, thank you for reading “Isabella” stay tuned for more lucrative African poems.

      Liked by 1 person

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