Tales of My Country 🤔

Photo by Snapwire

You know, sometimes life doesn’t correspond to the energy we give it, sometimes it does more harm to hang on than to let go, some things are beyond our human prowess,
I know we might never come to a consensus on this but assuredly I tell you, by the few half-moons I have seen in the past few decades, I can confidently say that sometimes, life is not fair!
Some come out of their mother’s womb with a golden band embedded around their necks, but some alight while tightening their grips, grasping beads made of wood!
We are all running the same race but some are just a hurdle away from the finishing line, while others must jump over a thousand hurdles to get there, these are the unlucky sons of Jacob!

Gone are the days when education used to be the key to prosperity, now it’s just but a dump wooden door, where you’ll knock untill your knuckles grow old, only a few will be allowed in,
In my country they say, connections are more valid than dreams! Corruption has eaten our society like blood cancer, motorists must bribe the police to survive on the highways,
The gap between the rich and the poor is a deep valley, poverty has come over the less privileged like labour on a pregnant woman, like grey hair on the head of a bald old man!
Where I come from, a university graduate cannot heckle at a grade-two drop out, our learned guy is hustling like he never went to school before! Here sunrises are darker than sunsets,

I come from a country where civil servants consume snacks worth millions in a single sitting, but the perpetrators leave the court rooms in black tinted SUVs, untouched,
While a poor man is thrown behind bars for stealing food to feed his starving family, no one can administer justice under the sun!
I hail from a land of impossibilities, here we hang on a train that uses borrowed fuel, we stretch out our hands every morning to the duck-eyed Atheist for survival,
Like our fallen president used to lament, “Instead of practising family planning methods amid the economic crisis, those who live below the poverty line are still “producing babies!” 🥵 Just an episode in the “Tales of My Country”

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