The Story of Tomorrow 🤔

Photo by Shutterstock

You know, there are times I treasure being alone, just to meditate upon this life, the uncertainty of tomorrow, the riddle which comes with sunrise,
The innumerable times I’ve survived scares I thought they would have swept my remembrance away, out of the face of this unforgiving world,
When my spirit is down but yet it’s another night to fasten my belt, to leave the comfort of my royal hut, cos eventually it’s I against the world,
You know, there’s nothing new under the sun, when your pockets are windy, no one is ever willing to greet you, even your own blood will snob you, when the sun is wide open!

But since I’m in the midst of the ocean alone, I do not cease to peddle my boat, even when I can’t see the other side of the sea, I know eventually the sun will rise upon me,
Even when the skies become pale, to bring the former rains with a whirlwind over me, I know the storm will calm after a while and the jigsaw will roll in its pocket, forevermore!
Then these are the moments I wish I would write a letter to God, to hand it over to a raven, urging Him to add a thousand years to my ageing parents,
That they may also see the goodness of this land when the storms are calm, but since we do not know the story of tomorrow, let His counsel stand!

Amidst of all the struggles of this world, we don’t forget to bow down our heads every night to the one who doesn’t slumber, before we are carried away by angel of sleep,
Even though we can’t see what a day may bring forth, we are sure that we will find something to fill our stomachs when the peril of emptiness will come knocking,
There is someone Immortal who watches over all of us, whose promises are true, the only one who can vividly narrate the ‘story of tomorrow”, He knows everything,
Since we stand on the side of Him who has power to command the sun to halt and it heeds to His voice accordingly, then we are rest assured that the future is brighter than today!

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