Photo by Clipart Library

It’s a few hours past daybreak the sun is swelling on our faces, a normal working day in this side of East Africa,
Ignitions of engines are heard murmuring, ready to throw the first attempt on land, the roads are dusty but the motivation is far away, in the school where these little ones are schooling,
In this life we conceded immediately after the whistle was blown, mammon has legs, swift like the wings of a wild eagle, cursed after being found guilty of betraying the Son of Man,
Everyone wants their children to live a peaceful live under the sun forgetting the words of the Preacher that “all is vanity, vanity of vanities, it is like grasping of the wind..!

As the sky brightens up to heal our bodies from the intoxications of this filthy world, the warm rays are ever therapeutical, before it starts to burn,
It’s time to leave our hide outs as we seek to put bread on table, he who doesn’t work is never entitled to eat, for the Lord’s word to remain pure, not to be blasphemed, it stands that way all through,
In this first growing town you can eat anything you wish for, but your fat pockets will soon die out, the weighing balances have been altered with,
Eagles, hawks, crows sit squarely on the skies above this lustful town, attracted by the smell of meat, raw as well as roasted,

Under these white but dirty tents sits the generation of farmers, a Somali woman in a loose black dress sorts out the soft leaves from the hard ones,
A cash crop well known in the streets of Meru town, a crop that holds a segment of the nation’s economy, the customers are ever loyal, they can’t stay without it,
There’s a battalion that’s sits around her at her workplace, chewing khat as they listen to loud reggae music, when do these people work?
Well, let’s turn away from curiosity I heard it killed the cat, there’s this short Kamba man who’s famous for cooking “chapati” everyone around dies to munch his delicious soft pieces of cooked wheat,

There’s a road that is under construction, the local authorities are fastening their belts before the national polls scheduled in August this year,
The sound of heavy engines is heard from the southern side of the town, the caterpillars are gnawing the ground to put into place a firm foundation for the road to last centuries,
Foremen are on site giving commands as they put into history an infrastructure that will ease ferrying of products by the long distance trailers,
Politics are about to “catch fire” in the coming few months, political marriages will break, some will divorce their partners before the fateful day, let’s wait as we contemplate on this “Lustful Town of The North”. 🤔

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