Fatmah, The Journey Girl 😍

Photo by Dreamstime

After swimming and basking all afternoon, I went back to the town of limestone, where I had already booked a seat to travel overnight, when traffic is dead,
There I met a young man at the beaureu who gave me a place to freshen up as the night bus was on it’s way, coming to ferry passengers to the capital city,
He showed me a place to eat as I waited for our time to depart, a piece of ugali and roasted meat with “kachumbari” became my dinner, that night, accompanied by a cup of mango juice 🍹 thereafter,
The small hotel is run by people who understands well the local dialect, the Swahili language, which is key around this eastern side of Africa, it is a common language all around,

So after taking my meal, I went back to the beaureu to confirm if my backpack was well organised, ready for the night of Safari towards the city of the cunning ones,
I parked my wet beach clothes in a shopping bag, arranged my stuff well earlier enough cos I never buy the idea of last minute rush, that is gambling with your life!
Then I sat outside watching at the congested “limestone” stage with tuk tuks, motorbikes, taxis flooded all over, each trying to maneuver through live traffic,
The ambience around this area was sucking out my brains, their language of communication was hooting as much as you can, it doesn’t matter which vehicle you’re in,

As I waited under a tree near the stage, I saw a beautiful African girl with natural hair, in a misty-white dress, her mum wasn’t happy to let her go, but funny enough I never saw the face of her mum untill she left to the same direction she came in,
The bus came, everyone jumped on board, she was the last to board, after a series of deep hugs with lots of kisses on the cheeks, she waved goodbye to her mum, the bus left the stage,
In a few minutes I saw Abdalla, the guy at the beaureu calling me while standing Infront of the bus after they came back cos one passenger had called to cancell her ticket in the last minutes,
So I rushed into the charging vehicle ready to leave for a long trip to the city, as I sunk comfortably into my seat of fate, I looked at my left and Fatmah was there, with her gorgeous face like the morning sun β›…

Actually she resembled one of my childhood friends, Jennifer, who I never got the chance to say those glorious words of love to, we both went separate ways,
Though Fatmah looked tired after helping her mum in the currency shop all day, she still gave me her ears as we left the island, it was too hot to sleep on board, so I removed a hard paper I had in my bag, but as I enjoyed the cool breeze, I saw her sweating profusely so I handed it over to her,
She was shocked by the kind gesture I portrayed, but it always feels good to be selfless! Giving is a God- given talent cos the Bible says there’s no greater commandment than “Love!” ❀️
Luckily enough we had the same taste of music, she aspires to be a renowned Journalist, to fit in the shoes of Mwashirima Kapombe of the best media house in Eastern Africa; Your dreams are valid, Fatmahβ€¦πŸ’―

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