My First Time On The Island 🏝️😊

Photo by Vecteezy

For the first time in a period of more than two and a half decades, I can proudly say I finally set my foot on the historical island, the land that borders the great sea that was used by pirates in ancient years, back then,
In a decorated trip that involved the newest wagon in town, “the snake that was prophesied by the great man from the east, who saw white butterflies invading this side of Africa, he warned people of the colonial era tragedy!
As the snake crawled from the dry land towards the sea shore, the excitement was building up from one terminal to the other, as I listened keenly to the words of the female announcer on board,
I adored every moment in that cabin as we bisected through the jungle, as we popped our eyes out to enjoy the vicinity of our national treasuries, the sacred life in the wild,

In a few hours we were ushered into the land of coconuts, the extreme temperatures were easing past my tender ears, it was a feeling I craved for in such a long time,
The sun was way above our heads, in a nearly empty bus we cruised past the famous bridge that connects two dry lands, stretching down a thousand feets down the sea,
We were given a double hand greeting gesture by people with warm hands, there’s no doubt that everyone there loves visitors, regardless of their skin complexion,
People around the island are friendly to one another, they value good neighbourlyhood more than anything else, with a unique accent that differentiates them from the rest of the world,

Just after accomplishing my official duty the next day, it was time to visit the sea shore, a moment to immerse myself into the big pool of sweet warm waters,
A few minutes past twelve in the noon, the waves had swept away the water into deep sea, the shores were dying out of thirst,
Since I never had a back pack to secure my belongings, I opted for the simplest option around, I started engraving my lovely nickname on the sand,
There was a woman at the shore who was seated feeding a small baby, she saw how lonely I was and convinced me to dive into salty waters,

When I came near to the boats that ferried people across the ocean, with beach boys hanging around the wind-driven boats I felt unsafe, so I stared at them as they left to explore the other side of the ocean,
As I was still contemplating on the same, another woman came asking for a picture, I had to employ my photography skills to impress a stranger on the look,
By the time the waves were coming back home, we were a thousand metres away from the Pirates beach, headed to the south coast of Somalia,
We walked along the shores chatting about the uncertainties of this life, how most of young girls opt to go to the beach in the sole aim of stealing away wealthy foreigners,
Pictures of couples lying on the warm dry sand were scattered all over, some rubbing sand on the skins of their partners, others basking to enjoy the warmth of the colourful evening sun β›… I’ll surely miss you, my favourite Island 🏝️☺️❣️

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  1. Taby says:

    Keep it up bro …

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    1. thank you sis for reading


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