The Teachers I Adored Back Then…😊

Photo by iStock

I know poetry is more interesting when we hide their identity, but if the readers can’t relate, I prefer we just mention their names, one by one, to allow them feel a moment…!
First and foremost I want to give my sincere gratitude to one Mrs. Katola nicknamed as “Mwalimu wa Nasali” my kindergarten school teacher,
She is the most underrated nursery school teacher I have ever seen, but funny enough she’s the one responsible for all the degrees around! Most of these graduates you see, were her students,
Just to mention but a few, one Peter Mwangangi of BBC Africa can testify to that! Well, I don’t know whether the upcoming female CEO from the Musau’s Dynasty went through her able hands? But I’m sure she must have heard of her…

Second on the list is Madam Margaret Sila of Kiswahili, she’s the one who’s responsible for the decorated Swahili version you’ve heard me attempt on that sports show on world’s number one video site,
She was my favourite primary school teacher by the way, I loved her subject dearly, although she was really tough, I still found a way of doing her homework,
She used to come to school on a motorbike, cos her home was a few kilometres away, I guess it was my first time to see a woman riding a bike, it wasn’t a norm back then,
May the Lord bless her for me, I hope we shall meet one day, I owe her a “bottle of soda”, If we don’t give back gratitude, what are we then living for?

Third on the list was one Mr. Jonathan Mwongela of English and Literature in my former highschool, this man furnished what Mr. Mutua of standard eight English had started previously,
I would spend most of my time at the office asking questions, I was more curious than the famous cat cos he always gave me an ear to listen,
How he coached me to appear before a panel of adjudicators as they tested my oratary skills, until I won the contest to represent the entire county at national level remains a mystery,
That trip to that national school with an impala logo was a moment I’ll never forget, that little stay we had there taught me that good things in life don’t come easy!

The last but not the least on the list was one Mr. Alex Kitua, the man who made me understand that bad news are perfect news to any journalist on duty,
He was my favourite college teacher, he spoon-fed us on the dynamics of a perfect radio station, his love for radio was overflowing,
He was like a father to me, his truthful nature, a warm personality and his time keeping skills made him more interesting to associate with,
He made me understand the physics behind radio, how transmission is done from the sound mixer, via the Must to the world! May the Lord bless you Mwalim, you’re one in a million, for sure…😊

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