The Killers of Next Door ⚔️💥

Clip art by Kush Limbachiya

Hello neighbours, why were you so mean to us? Why did you decide to fight against your kinsmen? Why, why were you so hurt less to slay our very own Bobby, the female goat? Why did you throw spears at our bread winner, it really hurts to see her languishing in deep pain, are you happy now? It’s been decades now, she can’t even walk well, it hurts to see her in tears, but why did you do that by the way? Stories are told about how you wanted to suffocate our goat, when it came looking for water to quench it’s dry tongue, why are you so obsessed with death?

Are you not afraid of the night? Why do you love walking under the moon, alone, Partially dressed, with a piece of dry clay on your heads?Despite the fact that water is a disaster in our land, why did you choose to drain the life out of the leafy trees around? With your small caretakers?Why are you always pilling up stones to hit Steven, the biblical one? Or are you so obsessed to act like the ruthless martyrs of his time?You knew we never had nothing, our father was just a primary school teacher, we were low-life people, but you, you were ballers,With his old bicycle he would cross rivers to find a meal for his domestic birds back at home, why were you so distracted? Why?

Can’t you have eyes to see how many kilometres we’ve distanced ourselves from you, with the help of God? While you’re there bragging of your little wins, some of us are flying away, to Disney World,I’m talking to you, yes you photocopiers, why do you lack so much originality? You always wait for our call, then you receive as you note down,Why don’t you just accept that our old man was made to be great even in his ageing years, he’s being rewarded for what he was with his God,While you were busy throwing stones at him, he collected them, he eventually built a tower for himself, painted it and named it, “the great dynasty”,

You need to understand that sometimes life is unfair, things don’t work for you always, He puts us in a situation but he knows there’s a way out of it,You should’ve accepted it from day one, maybe right now you would been greater than you are, maybe,God had a reason when he put you there, on that staircase, but were too selfish to help, instead you were hooked by the “Jezebels” of your times,But that’s not a problem, we’ve crawled into your territory for the handshake but you still chose opposition, do not light a lamp under a fuel tanker, you’ll get burned 🔥🤔

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