The ‘Crush’ I Never Had πŸ’Œ

Dear Crushie, I know you can still remember the days when we were so little but we still fell in love, unknowingly,
The days when all of us adored you, we feared you cos you were from a higher ground, actually you were a cool kid,
I know you were so worried when we sidelined ourselves away from you, personally, I never gathered the confidence to even greet you,
First, my grooming wouldn’t allow for such a move, I guess you used to wear new uniforms every end term, isn’t it..?πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

You know, my father was a headmaster in the same school we were, but our levels were still catching up, till years later,
I don’t know what the others thought about you Crushie, but atleast I raised my hand, to give my honest side of the story,
But you know where we come from people of dark eyes are everywhere, it’s by the grace of the Lord we’re here today,
And that made you stronger than you were, that is why up to now I still respect you, atleast I have taste, isn’t it?

We used to compete for the top three rankings together, it was either I was on top of you or you steal the show ahead of me, I even wonder how I fell in love with you then, you were very tiny, a slim yellow girl with a pretty face, a lovely name, the tiring one, That is why your mama called you so, you were to tire the world, with your beauty, your eyes, your infectious smile, that is exactly what happened, If I would be given the space to love you again, I would pick it up even in my dream world, you sipped me like Fanta

I never knew the feeling was mutual, next time please speak up, sometimes we loose our arrows but the kill pops up everywhere, with an empty bow, we just let it pass..! But with all that love we never had a chance to greet one another untill we’re now grown ups, what happened I don’t know, but it’s life anyway, Maybe we were never meant to be, or we were meant to be in due time, or maybe our paths would cross someday, maybe..!I know you’ve been cobwebbed by probably a spider somewhere, I’m happy for you, I wish you well, cos maybe we were never meant to be together, Crushie πŸ˜’

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