Call Me When You Grow Up, Little Woman 🤔

Hello Lydia, are you still sleeping out of insomnia, or are your eyes open enough to see the highs n lows of this world?
Do you now understand that there’s time for everything under the sun, time to eat, time to sleep, a time to be born and a time to die,
Are you now aware that the people you called friends back then when life was smoothly swinging are now your foes? Are you?
How is single parenting so far, are you okay with it or we can give you a seat to sit on, to relax abit? please untuck your stomach you’re still beautiful, anyway,

How is the Moran by the way, pass my greetings to him, I know I am a cold-handed stranger to him cos you made him believe that, I’m not blaming you either,I know when you burried your first placenta at such a tender age made you believe you’re ancient enough to point figures at us, your ancestors,The fact that you look like a mother-in-law at your age doesn’t guarantee you to speak in a council of old folks, it is illegal, unacceptable, a taboo!They say not every old man is full of wisdom, others were wine tappers during their youthful years, stupid people get old too, don’t forget that,

I never understood why you went silent on me after all those glorified days when we were innocent teeneagers, when the vibe was real,You remember the days when you never wanted to leave my sight, you would rather sleep the whole day if I wasn’t coming,That time you sung the songs of our able government, merrily, but now I can see your voice is loud enough on the streets, campaigning for the opposition, I don’t blame you either,Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, choice, preference that is why I sidelined myself, we’re all blind but ambitious to see tomorrow,

You know sometimes I wonder how a woman would look down upon a young man riding his black mamba while she cruises in her father’s lambo! When you’re eating, sleeping, dumping in your mother’s territory, raise not your voice when a drunkard walks by your house, ululating at night,Untill you step out of your fantasy world, you shall always brag that your mama is the best cook the world has ever seen, but is it true?Go, have a long conversation with your inner self, you can also call the herbalist, she’s a loud gossiper you know, but when you two grow up, my line is free to air, you can call me, little woman..!

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  1. Very interesting. Thanks

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    1. Thank you so much for reading 💯😊


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